Durum Wheat

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    • Dakota Organic

Detailed Product Description

Durum is actually a species of wheat named as such due to its hardness (Durum in Latin means "hard”). Its high protein and gluten content, as well as strength, make durum good for special uses. Its main uses include cereal, pasta, pizza dough, pet foods, as well as used in breads and snacks.

Durum is available in the following forms:

Whole Durum: This product has not had any further processing outside of cleaning of the grain.

Cracked Durum: Whole wheat kernels that have been cracked to a particular size.

Durum flours: There are different types of durum flours such as semolina flour which is a course grind and it resembles corn meal and is largely used in pastas. There are also a number of fine ground flours such as whole durum flour, extra fancy durum flour, 2nd clear durum flour.